Sadhana is a spiritual practice that is a self discipline of the mind and body to serve the soul. In Kundalini yoga it most often refers to the practice done during the 2.5 hours before the rising of the sun.

It operates under the principle of karma: that whatever you give comes back tenfold, so with 2.5 hours given to the Divine or spiritual practice, then you are covered for the entire day and then some with blessings.

The angle of the sun to the earth during this time is also very fortuitous and our biorhytms are ideal for cleansing the body and mind.

Take this special time for yourself when others are still in bed and you will reap enormous benefits! Download the Aquarian Sadhana Mantras.

We will be holding sadhana every Sunday morning from 5:00 – 7:00 am through December.  The cost is free.

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