Love From Our Mats To Yours


These were the messages received from this mornings summer solstice practice.  I look forward to sharing this powerful practice in community next year.

.A wonderful way to honour the cycles of 108 sun salutations on summer solstice, is to pull a card or to write a personal reflection as you complete each cycle of 10, ending with a final cycle of 8.  If 108 is not accessible for you, sometimes it’s nice to rest in child’s pose or in mountain and visualize yourself moving through one or a few of the cycles of 10.  Remember your practice is always your practice, you are offered guidance, but your true teacher rests right in your heart.

Taking time to ponder between each cycle and integrate the messages received. 

Listening. Understanding the deeper impact of sun salutations on your body, mind and spirit.

We continue to hold some zoom offerings through the summer, as well as some other special outdoor classes – don’t worry we’ll keep you posted!

We are actively looking for a new space for our studio for when we’re able to practice together in a socially responsible way.  We look to this time as an opportunity for us to reassess how we can better serve our community and we know in our hearts a safe and supportive space is waiting to welcome all of us, allowing us to dive even deeper into these practices.

You can check our schedule weekly to register for our online classes and see what classes are being offered.  This may change week to week through our summer so please keep checking on a weekly basis.

It is important to for us to continue to make our support and our yoga resources accessible and available to YOU, regardless of our present situation.

If you have been affected financially by COVID-19, and if it would be uncomfortable for you to have to start paying for our live classes, then we want you to simply register and show up  – there is no pressure of payment.

Some of us have decided to continue to offer our online classes (live and recorded practices), even after we can reopen our new doors. We invite you to sign up for the classes you’d like to attend in the following way.

  • To sign up for the Live Stream Class first go to our class schedule
  • Second, just click on the class (es) you’d like to attend that week (or the weeks ahead) and the system will walk you through the registration process.  Please note you do need to reserve your spot a minimum of 6 hours before the class start time.   It’s easy, and only requires your name and email address to reserve your spot.
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Payment options

We do have several different tiers of consideration for payment for our live online classes.  If you are able to contribute a little, we would ask you to consider our pay what you can model – where you can simply send us an etransfer to in the amount that you’re able, either class by class, or as a lump sum amount.  As I mentioned, our primary intent is to help support you right now, whatever that needs to look like with your present situation.

  • If you have an existing Class Pass in our system, we will be using those passes automatically (apart from the monthly unlimited passes unless you have directed us otherwise). Once you’re registered we can better keep track of your attendance and more efficiently use your pass.  However, if you would prefer to NOT use your studio passes until we can do in person community classes, then please send us an email at and we will continue to keep  your pass on hold during this time, but you still need to register. 
  • We have created a new Online live class option – with a drop – in fee of $7.00 to purchase click here or a 10 class live on-line pass package for $70 to purchase click here.  These new online passes can be purchased through our website or you can send an e-transfer to  These passes do not expire and will extend  beyond the closure to once we’re able to practice together again for our continued online options.
  • If you don’t have a studio pass, no worries and no stress – remember we’re a yoga studio, the last thing we want to create for you is stress.  We have our pay what you can option  (these payments can be sent via e-transfer to or you can mail cheques made out to Surya Daya PO Box 867, Almonte, ON, K0A 1A0.  Just send us an email to let us know, no amount is to small, here you get to choose.


  • Once you have signed up for, and reserved your spot for any of our  classes, you will receive a confirmation email stating the Class Name, Date and Time you are signed up for.
  • 20 minutes before the classes you have registered for,  you will receive a second email with the Zoom access link and password for the class.  Click on the link to join the class via Zoom.
  • You will not be prompted to make a payment in the registration process, that is done either by etransfer, sending an email if you are mailing us a cheque, or by credit card on our website
  • If you register for any of Amber’s classes (Tuesday afternoon or Saturday morning), even if you’re not able to attend, she is now sending out a link to a recorded version of the class for you to practice along with her at any time.  These will be for personal practice only, but you are required to register to receive the recorded session.

If ANY of this is confusing, then please take a deep breath and take your time reading over all this information a second time. If it is still confusing, then please give me us a call at 613-451-2891 or send us an email at

We are here to support you, always.  We acknowledge that our world has changed, but hopefully we are all being given this time of uncertainty to clarify what is truly important as we move forward in our lives.

Take good care, always,

With so much love, Amber, and all of us at Surya Daya.

Joy Filled Blessings for the Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is a time we celebrate all the light in the world, as we honour the tilting of the earth wrapping us in the longest day of sunlight of our calendar year.  We move through the cycles of seasons and witness our own  rhythms, being mindful of the ebb and flow of life.

2020, the year that was prophesied to be the year of clear vision, the year of clarity and truth.  I understand this is not what we expected this unfurling to look or feel like, but it is our reality and an uncovering of so much truth, so much for us to ponder.

Summer solstice is an invitation to lean into what works, and to release what no longer serves us.   It is a time to uncover what you know deep inside of you is waiting to be revealed.  We are sitting on the edge, a precipice of sorts, wondering what happens next.

For many there is an increased anxiety during this time, as people begin to venture out of the safety of isolation, exploring this concept of reemergence.   It’s important to be responsible and respectful to others, and also to lean into the practices that support you to rise above any fears that may be surfacing.

It’s okay to take your time with these next steps.  It’s okay to not follow the crowd and simply do whatever those around you are doing.  It’s important to follow the lead of your heart, now more than ever.

Silence to me means the calm quiet that comes when fear has lost its voice.

Silence…is not an absence of sound, but it’s the end of the clamour, the racket the ego makes.  It’s the rest we can receive when all we are hearing is the sound of what the heart contains.

– Meggan Watterson

This summer solstice we are also blessed with a new moon, making it extra powerful.  A time to take steps to actualize our dreams.  We have been reminded through this time to not live with regrets, because wow, the unexpected can occur at any moment, our lives have the potential to change in the blink of an eye .


Light a candle, and honour your connection to the light.  Honour the light inside of you, and the light you bring forth as you move through your life.  Honour the seeds of creation within you, reflecting on the life you lived, but also on the life yet to come.  Sat Dharam Kaur reminds us of a powerful practice, to consciously reflect and write out 27 visions of the life ahead of you.  Not as a means of wanting to be somewhere you’re not, but rather as a way to plant seeds for what’s to come.  Feel it in your breath and in your bones, see yourself in those moments of your life, remind yourself why this life is worth living.  It’s powerful to allow the pictures to run through your minds eye as you move your fingers along a mala, cycling through the visions 4 times to come to the full 108 beads.  I am so grateful for this practice. 

As part of a solstice ritual, it’s beautiful to set a clear intention honouring the energy of solstice and then  move through 108 sun salutations as the sun is rising.

I’m attaching a reminder of the sequence in a simplified sun salutation, the flow we often move through in our Saturday morning kundalini class.

To view the practice click here .

Last year we met at the park and moved through these in community, that morning is etched in my heart.  This year, honouring the circumstances of our present day reality, I will be moving through them, imagining you with me at my home – I invite you to  join me energetically.

When we move through our sun salutation flow, Surya namaskar, we are creating space inside of ourselves for our life force to move through us, giving reverence to the energy of the sun.  We give ourselves an invitation through the sequence to allow a deep inner awakening, as we honour our bodies, releasing stress and connecting with the dance between the flow of asana and our breath.  It’s a good idea to move through in 10 sequences of 10, and a final sequence of 8 repetitions – in the final 11th round I like to honour each chakra with each cycle of the flow.  Here is a variation of  beautiful affirmations to cycle through the chakras as an anchor.  I have adapted the affirmations for my own practice and I invite you to do the same,  this was originally shared with me by Mary, and it’s an honour to share with you here.  This is a powerful daily practice.

Root Chakra – Muladhara – Self Acceptance – May I be rooted, grounded, and secure.

Sacral Chakra – Svadhistana – Fearlessness, Creativity – May joy and creativity flow through me.

Abdominal Chakra – Manipura – Inner Strength – May I be a lighthouse, May I feel my strength and my power – grounded in kindness and truth, May I be committed to my self care.

Heart Chakra – Anahata – Compassion, Forgiveness, Service – May love and compassion flow through me.

Throat Chakra – Vishudda – Trust, Truth, Integrity – May I speak my truth fearlessly.

Third Eye Chakra – Ajna – Purpose – May I trust my intuition and strengthen my connection to my inner wisdom.  May I be guided by it.

Crown Chakra –  Sahasrara –  Highest Self – May I feel my connection with all of life, May I confidently align and step into my higher purpose.

Aura – Radiance, Vitality, Protection – May I honour my radiance and project out strongly to the world. May I remember my purpose and surround myself by who and what nourishes and strengthens me.

At the end of your physical practice, take some time to allow any movements to move through you, and when you’re ready come laying in shavasana for a at least 10 minutes, sense yourself, notice sensations, notice your breath, invite that flow of life force into all the space you created, notice the quality of your thoughts, acknowledge the healing that’s happening inside.

Coming back to a seated position, closing your eyes down and maybe inviting a little more depth into your breath.  Remind yourself of your intention and breath it right into your heart.  I am going to share a lovely little meditation with a  pranayama practice to help seal this sacred time on your mat.  The meditation is for a calm heart.

To join me in this practice click here.

This practice helps to calm and soothe our nervous system, it can bring us back to our center.  It is also a powerful practice if you are being challenged, invite that challenge and all those involved, into your awareness, and try sending an invitation for peace and an easeful resolution.   Life is so  short to hold on to the experiences that cause us pain and suffering, this is a good time to give gratitude for the lessons learnt and release it’s hold on you.   This practice also teaches us patience on a subconscious level through the breath practice – patience with our process, and patience with the dance of life  and others we are in connection with – we are all doing our best in every given moment.

I too am learning, a lifelong student on this journey of life.  There is no urgency, life is unfolding in the only way it can.

Just in case you  missed our last newsletter, here is the link studio news

Wishing you so much love and light, as we celebrate this time of great change.  Know we are here holding you in our hearts, as we too evolve in ways that will only strengthen our community.

Much love Amber, and all of us at  Surya Daya.



COVID, Kids and all the feelings

Written by Nicki Gallo (as published in the June edition of the HUMM)

There’s this exercise that I like do when I work with kids. It helps us to explore how our feelings are something that we experience in our bodies as well as our minds. First, I give the child a piece of paper with the outline of a person. I ask them to colour the location on the body where they feel certain emotions and match it with a colour. For example, they may feel red – anger in their hands “I’m so mad I could punch someone!” Or feel yellow – nervousness in their bellies “I have butterflies in my tummy!” 

Nicki_June_Humm_PictureSometimes, a child may fill the outline of the person with one colour, but this may not match what behaviour is happening on the outside. For example, the child could be acting out with angry temper tantrums or be completely withdrawn, however their outline is covered in just one emotion: fear.  

Anger and disengagement can mask more vulnerable and raw emotions like sadness or fear. 

When I personally take the time to shave down the layers of an emotional outburst, it usually comes down to “I’m scared.” 

This may not be the reality in every case; however, it can give us insight into what may be happening under the surface. 

This is an unfamiliar and uncertain time. Children are extremely empathic and can pick up on the stress that this virus is having on our daily lives. It’s often scarier when things aren’t being said as they can tell that the energy has shifted, but they don’t know why. With the recent news of schools in Ontario not returning this year, despite initial excitement, this can be scary and a big loss for kids. Loss of routine can mean a loss of control. 

We may all be feeling a lot of big complicated emotions right now and not know how to express them. What we are feeling on the inside may not be what we are expressing on the outside. 

How can we help our children increase their emotional vocabulary and express feelings in a positive way?  How can we do the same as adults? 

Here are a few ideas that may work with kids and kids at heart:

Name it to Tame it

The idea “name it to tame it” is a strategy to help make sense of our experience and feel more in control. When big emotions are out of control (right-brain) telling the story of what’s upsetting us (logical left-brain), integrates the brain, names the fears and helps to tame them. 

Rose, Bud, Thorn

Many of our routines have disappeared. Having a simple daily check-in with each other is a great way to put words to emotions. A popular check-in tool is “Rose, Bud, Thorn.” This is good to do at dinner time or at the end of the day.  

Rose: share your favourite part of the day

Bud: share something you are looking forward to doing tomorrow

Thorn: share your least favourite part of the day


Some of the best conversations take place while doing something else. Play is a child’s language and sometimes, to talk about big feelings, it’s easier to play while doing it. We can gain insight into their inner worlds or it may just be a great way to distract ourselves. Doing activities your kids like to do makes them feel connected and more secure. This goes for adults too. 

Providing space for kids to express themselves and acknowledge that it’s okay to feel a lot of feelings right now is a wonderful way to support them in this bizarre time we’re in. 

Nicki2Nicki Gallo is a Certified Play Therapist. She runs play and creativity workshops and is not afraid to use glitter. She is a retired Toronto SickKids Hospital therapeutic clown and is currently creating online content to help children recognize and express emotions with her new clown, Emerald. You can check out the videos here.

We are super excited to have Nicki joining our collective at Surya Daya.  She’ll be helping to support and assist in making sure we can continue to offer you inspiring and educational events and community initiatives (as soon as we’re able to), as well as be another support for each of you as we reopen.  Nicki is excited to be offering amazing workshops and one on one sessions to support families and individuals in our community.  She is magic and reminds us to stay connected to our inner spark of joy and play, she looks forward getting to know you better!


Resources: Anxiety Canada, About Kids Health/Covid19, Child Mind Institute

Online Yoga Classes May 11th – 16th

Sat Naam and Namaste

Just a reminder that all of our online classes now require preregistration.

Just click on the link below to see our schedule, choose the classes you’d like to join and our system will guide you through the registration process.  Please note you do need to register a minimum of 6 hours before the class start time.  All you need is your name and email.

We are now privately sending our login details to your inbox, after we receive your reservation.

To view our schedule click here

It is our goal to continue to offer our online classes in a way that is accessible for everyone.  We have different tiers for passes, including by donation to, or our new online pass rate.  If paying would be financially stressful for you at this time, then please just register and join us, no questions asked – we don’t  want money to be a deterrent from you being able to access our yoga support, especially right now when we need yoga more than ever.

If you have any questions, at all, we’re here.

We just want to be able to continue to support you through this time, and help to keep you inspired to show up for your practice  – for your own self care.

Take a little bit of time and write down 10 things you’re grateful for, remembering and acknowledging the things we are grateful for makes less room in our heads and our hearts for the things that bring us stress and worry.  Doing this exercise when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or first thing every  morning, disrupts the pattern of stress, enabling a healthier and more relaxed internal state.  Wouldn’t that be a welcome ripple into the rhythm of your day?

What am I grateful for in this moment?  

The miracle of life

Our ability to create

The sacredness and support of  community

The sun and the moon

The Spring flowers emerging from the earth

My 2 beautiful sons


Butterflies and how they teach us to honor the darkness – it’s when we grow

A full deep breath

Homemade soup on my stove

My warm cozy bed 

Holding hands when we most need to be held

Much love, Amber

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Day 29 of Amber’s 30 days of yoga support

Namaste to you dear one, the light in me sees the light in you

Welcome to day 29 of our 30 days of yoga together.  I hold so much gratitude in my heart for YOU, for accepting my invitation on this journey, and here we are, day 29.  Our time together is certainly not coming to an end, and I sincerely hope you continue to cultivate a daily practice bringing in more of what resonates with YOU.  Perhaps you have given yourself the space to dive into your practice in a new way and perhaps you’ve allowed more time to simply sit in silence and integrate.

“Oh, I’ve had moments, and if I had to do it over again, I’d have more of them.  In fact I’d try to have nothing else.  Just moments, one after another, instead of living so many years ahead of each day.”         

N. Stair, (85 year old woman)

Where ever you are this is a beginning.  The real gift is when we are able to wake up everyday and approach our life with the attitude that today, and this moment, is a beginning.  This is one of the basic fundamental attributes to a  mindfulness based practice and life approach, is to enter every experience as if it was the first time you had ever been there, your breath, movement, relationships, problems, the gift of a meal, the taste of a fresh berry or a square of chocolate, can you allow yourself the opportunity to enter your moment to moment life experience as if it was the first time.  A beginning.

Every day I approach my mat I unroll it with reverence, acknowledging I am being given a fresh opportunity to discover myself.

“If we have ideas about how our practice should unfold, these will often get in the way, preventing us from honoring the phase that is actually with us.

Jack Kornfield

Today we’re going to explore a beautiful posture of strength, control, balance and grace.  This is going to look different for each of us – and it will look different every time you enter the posture. Be sure to hold on to support if you need assistance with balance postures, move softly into the different phases and depths available for you to explore in this shape, you may just hold your foot behind your body, you may just bend your leg at the knee, you may tip just slightly forward, or you may dive right into Natarajasana – dancer, a posture of grace.  Wherever you are is perfect because where ever you are is where you are – you can’t be anywhere else.  I would love for you to be very gentle with your practice today, allow the quality of a beginners mind, and move with curiosity.

To view the practice click here

Thank you for joining me today, it is an honor and a great privilege to be welcomed into your day.

With so much love, till tomorrow




Day 28 of Amber’s 30 days of yoga support

Sat Naam and Namaste!  Welcome to day 28 of Amber’s 30 days of yoga support during this challenging time.

“I was coming to understand that at its deepest levels, life it not a problem, but a mystery….At one time or another, each of us confronts an experience so powerful, bewildering, joyous, or terrifying that all efforts to see it as a problem are futile.  Each of us reaches the end of reason’s rope…… we can either grip harder and get nowhere, or we can let go, and fall.  For what does mystery ask of us?  Only that we be in its presence, that we fully, consciously hand ourselves over.  That is all, and that is everything.” – Philip Simmons

I am so grateful you are joining me today.

We had a morning today where the wheels definitely fell off!  You know those mornings….or is it just in my family?  I believe we can all relate if we’re being honest, and during this time of “mystery” perhaps the wheels are a little less stable.  Today we took a different approach.  The sun was (and is still radiantly) shining, and we heeded its call.  Putting our bodies in motion with our running shoes on we moved the chaotic energy through us.   Walking, jogging, frogs, dancing – just move, remember it’s all energy and it’s up to us how we use that energy.

When we live with a mindfulness approach to our moment to moment life we can recognize what’s not working and when we’re starting to grip a little harder.  Slowly we allow ourselves the opportunity to make different choices that are truly more in alignment with our evolving selves.

Running shoes off, we decided to create this little practice for YOU.  The sequence we move through today is a simple posture set, but there is a deep wisdom and a gentle but far reaching release available in each of the shapes we will be guiding you through.

As we explore butterfly and camel, we are also subconsciously inviting space into long held stress and memories in the body.  Try to stay present with your breath while you’re here in the postures.  These powerful asana’s help us to release the layers  and the patterns that take up residence in our body, the layers that once served you – but if we reflect and reassess we realize they are no longer helpful.  In this simple practice, we respectfully create space and if you allow yourself time to integrate you may just notice you feel more easeful, and happier as you roll up your mat today.

To view the practice click here

If you’re able this is a beautiful practice to sink into in your backyard, allow the sunshine to energize your body and your soul.

Thank you for being with me today, this is a special little window for me

Remember you’re not alone, we’re all in this together.

With so much love, till tomorrow

Amber (and Noah)

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Day 27 Yoga Support with Amber

“That which we constantly affirm becomes true for us” – Louise Hay

Welcome to day 27!! Sat Naam and Namaste!!  When I close my eyes, I see your light shining so brightly!

Thank you for being on this journey with me, my heart is full of gratitude to each of you!

Including today we have 4 more days of daily practices together.  If you choose, you can start back at day 1 for another 30 days, the videos will always be available for you to return to.  I will continue to do a weekly video for you, a little bit of a longer practice to help support you during this time, and when we’re on the other side of this.  This has been a powerful way to connect with each of you, through the gift of our breath and our collective practice.

Today, Can you take a moment and close your eyes, and repeat that simple word, with softness?  Can you simply begin today by repeating today on a wave of nourishing breath.

Try not to focus on the details that haven’t even happened yet, we do that alot – predicting often a negative unraveling of a day that hasn’t even started yet.  We base these predictions on past experience and we feed those feedback loops in our brain often attracting those same experiences to keep happening in a similar way.  I wonder if today could be different, no expectations of how the day will unfold, just softly inviting the day to simply be what it will be, a healthy alternative is to affirm in your mind and simply invite the quality of ease, openness and peace into your day, not with expectation but simply an invitation.  Much of our experience is based on our attitude and how we approach what we are faced with.  This breath, this moment, this day – nothing has to come – invite ease, notice your breath.  Notice how your day unfolds from this place of peace and openness.

Jon Kabat-Zin reminds us that as long as we’re breathing there is more right with us than there is wrong with us, and maybe going even further, rather than focusing on the rightness or wrongness can we just experience breath with gratitude?  Take a few minutes to sit with this…………

In our practice today, we’ll be exploring our hips and releasing through the low back.  We hold alot of physical tension in this part of our bodies, as well as alot of our deep often uncomfortable emotions.  Join me as we move through a stretching sequence that is wonderful for releasing scar tissue in the hips, opening up the joints, releasing the muscles of the buttocks,  and open up the tissues of the lower back.  Moving through these postures can also help us to naturally feel more at ease in our own bodies – physically and emotionally.  I encourage you to move through the sequence with me, and then take some time on your own, taking at least 5 or 6 breaths, if not more,  in each phase of the sequence.

To view the practice click here

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out, I’m here.

Have a beautiful day, and if you’re thoughts start to get ahead of you, can you come back to the breath with kindness and simply repeat today, ease, peace, today.

With so much love, till tomorrow




Day 26 Yoga Support with Amber

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”  – John Muir

Welcome to day 26 of our 30 days of yoga together.

What a time, presenting a doorway for each of us to dive into a deeper understanding and inner knowing of what we all need to thrive, that looks different for each of us.

I hope you’re finding time everyday to reconnect with that place of ease inside of you, and that you have tools in place to help you arrive there.

Today we spent our morning out in the woods, and were in awe at all the winged beings and their beautiful birdsong.  Our practice today is inspired by the eagle.  A powerful posture, Garudasana in sanskrit.  When we explore Eagle, we can connect with this upward spiral in our inner experience, as the body folds and wraps around itself, directing our energy upwards.  All our precious internal organs receive a flushing of blood as we compress our extremities and breathe in this majestic shape.

Some good questions to ask in this posture are:  Where I am in my life?  How do I need to spread my wings?  How do I need to conserve my energy?  What are the obstacles in my life?  What is being revealed?  Can I face challenges with strength, control and grace? How do I soar in my life?  

As you approach the physical posture, can you be there for a few breaths with that single pointed concentration, maintaining balance?  Please modify the shape in any way your body needs today.

To view the practice click here

Thank you so much for joining me, it is an honor working through these 30 days with you.  Such a powerful project infused with love and compassion for each of us.

Take your time with this posture, slowly entering and releasing out.  Take a little time once you’re finished to sit with the experience – let yourself integrate.

May you feel the expanse of your own wings, and know that you can safely open them.

So much love, till tomorrow


eagleJohn Muir Quote

Day 25 Amber’s Yoga Support

“Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience”

Paul Cezanne

Welcome to day 25 of Amber’s 30 days of yoga support during this challenging time.

I am SOOOOO grateful you are here today!

How are you getting through this time in this chapter of your life?  What is keeping you lifted, and inspired to get up everyday and start again with so many unknowns?  Are you able to reflect on perhaps what you do know you would like your life to look and feel like when we once again shift into a new normalcy on the other side of this?  Are you able to put the unknowns aside, and instead focus what you do know to be true for you right now.  That is my challenge for you today.

I love the above quote by french artist Cezanne, for if we don’t take time to integrate and renew the experiences of our life then we never actually allow ourselves to grow and truly flourish, into the genuis inside of each of us.

The ways we renew ourselves, on a daily basis, dictate how we thrive in our bodies and our minds.  Today we’ll be exploring a restorative posture, a very powerful restful practice to bring you back to your center.

In the video I offer you a few different suggestions to try, all different approaches to being in legs up the wall.  If your day allows, I encourage you to spend at least 10 – 15 minutes here, give yourself permission to fully experience and integrate this time on your mat (or in your bed).

This particular posture is very healing for our nerves, it’s a wonderful practice for when we’ve been going through a time of stress, or we just feel depleted. It also relieves pressure and heaviness in the legs.  Taking this time is like giving yourself a little gift everyday.

To view the video click here

Thank you for joining me today, you inspire me in so many ways.

The world needs your genius, so please take care of yourself.

With so much love, until tomorrow


three wooden signage in a tree close up photography
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Day 23 Yoga Support with Amber

“I wish you mouthfuls of laughter and warm hands and bowls of nourishing soup and starry glittering at the periphery of your eyes as if someone is tapping you gently on the shoulder, whispering a song from your childhood that makes you smile and weep at the same time, in a good way, like when you know who you are.

I wish you a loving letter from an old friend when you least expect it, with words that warm you like small sticks of kindling that catch and smoke and smell of ancient sandalwood forests and the tiny blue birds that sing at night, and a low slung moon, lying on her back, like a bowl of light. “  – Meredith Heller

I came across these words today, and they made me smile.  I hope they do the same for you

Welcome to day 23 of our 30 days of yoga support during a challenging time.  It is an honor to be welcomed into your day, one I don’t take lightly.  Thank you.

I hope you’re doing okay, and that you’re carving out some time to reconnect with nature in the  midst of all of this.  Such a powerful way for us to fill our reserves, by simply walking through the woods, or sitting by a tree or the water.  It always amazes me how relaxed I feel when I take that time.

Today we’ll be exploring a powerful breath practice for your immune system, and your inner vitality.  This breath is called the breath of ten, and it helps to move stagnation through the body, increase your lung capacity, stimulate and support the lymph nodes in your arm pits helping to cleanse and detoxify your breast tissue, your lungs, your thoracic cavity, and it assists in pulling the lymph up from your lower extremities (just to name a few benefits).  This is a potent practice which helps us to be able to better overcome pathogens, bacteria and viruses we encounter.

To view the practice click here

The basic practice:  Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine (ensure your body is comfortable).  Your elbows are bent and the forearms and hands are relaxed in a clapping position about a foot apart.  Your hands move in and out like you are clapping – inviting a flapping movement at the armpits (pumping fluid through the axillary lymph nodes), your hands do not make contact.  This will make more sense once you watch the video.  Concentrate on the energy between your hands.  Your breath is timed with the  movement of your hands, inhaling with 5 powerful strokes of breath in through your nose, exhale in five powerful strokes out through the mouth.  Try to maintain the rhythm and the movement with the breath.  Start with 3 minutes, and slowly you can increase your time.  Your eyes are closed down and once you settle into the practice allow your internal gaze to fall at the point between your eyes.

Make sure you take some time once you are finished to sit in stillness, sense what is happening inside of you and allow yourself to integrate the practice. This is an important step every time we come to our mats.

I am so grateful you joined me today, and I can’t wait to check in with you again tomorrow.

“The source of a true smile is an awakened mind.  Smiling helps you approach the day with gentleness and understanding” – Thich Nhat Hanh

My love travels with you

Big giant love filled hugs, Amber