Community Support

Seva Mondays

​​Since July 15th, 2017, Mary Biggs​, one of our truly phenomenal teachers and previous co-owner has donated her teaching income to a fund we have used to support needs in our community. ​ Mary’s generous donation every month is a way of celebrating over 12 years as a yoga teacher and leader of health and wellness in our area. We are so blessed to learn from her wisdom,  and to be held in her classes with her big heart. In 2019 Simonne LaRonde also began donating her teaching income to our community fund.  We are supported to continue to do this work by so many amazing humans.  During certain times of the year, many of our teachers also donate a percentage of their classes, as well as 100% of the money raised from our monthly karma classes goes into this fund.

​With ​our​ Seva Fund, we have helped local ​organizations​, charities, ​we help with ​special requests and families in need​ in our community​. This gesture is a way for us to give back to the community​, through our teaching and sharing of these incredible tools and practices and also through these special classes.  

We want to say a big huge thank you ​to all the students who support our classes​, and our karma classes ​- you are also contributing and genuinely making a heartfelt difference. Giving back is a big part of Surya Daya Yoga & Wellness’s core mission and we are ​so ​grateful to be able to support one another in this way.

Seva classes  and our monthly karma classes ​will continue. ​ With gratitude and so much love, your Yoga Family

Giving Back

Thanks to each of you, due to your generosity, we have also supported our community in incredible ways. Thank you for coming out to our karma classes, and purchasing class passes, as well as attending Mary and Simonne’s classes (100% of their earnings goes towards our SEVA fund).
Since the spring of 2018, when we transitioned into Surya Daya,  through the support of our community and the service of our teachers we have managed to help support:

  • $794 Lanark County Interval House a safe shelter for women and children
  • $225 Almonte General Hospital
  • $550 Hunger Stop Lanark County Food Bank
  • food baskets to the food bank
  • bags of toiletries and other needs for Interval House
  • $174 Tour For Kids – for kids with cancer to go to summer camp
  • $1500 Tornado Relief Fund for local families
  • $2976 support for local families in need
  • $250 Food For  Thought breakfast programs in local schools
  • $330 Movember – raising awareness and funding for men’s mental and physical health
  • $200 Lions Club food baskets
  • $310 Hub Hospice Palliative Care
  • $240 CHEO run for kids
  • $200 Lighting the way local environmental initiative
  • We have also donated gift certificates to various local fundraising events i.e. SchoolBOX
As of October 2019, For a grand total of $7,749 towards important organizations and supporting our community to thrive.


We will continue to offer our monthly karma classes in our effort to increase awareness of important issues and organizations, as well to keep this momentum going.  We also have a basket outside our studio always ready to accept non – perishable food item donations for the local food bank.

We are all connected and it is through our kindness that we nurture those connections.  If you would like more information, or would like to hold an event (or have us hold a class for on your behalf) in support of a cause you are passionate about, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours in service,

Surya Daya Yoga & Wellness