Mondays with Mary

Daily Kundalini Yoga- Week of April 27th

Sat Nam!

Here is a thought for the week from Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life.

“The happiest people are not the ones who achieve the most. They are the ones who spend more time than others in a state of flow.”

Aerobic Har is a complete kriya which will put you in a state of flow!

Have fun with it and try to build up the number of repetitions you complete each day.

If you feel like a Warm up before starting, try doing 10 frogs.

Aerobic Har – guaranteed to spark the entire glandular system, build stamina, strengthen the immune system and balance the body.

Try to repeat the series 3-5 times- build up to 8 or 10. Start slowly till you are familiar with the sequence.

The series of movements is considered one exercise.

Chant the mantra HAR with each count, pulling in at the navel. 8 counts per movement.

  1. Stand with feet comfortably apart. Clap hands overhead 8 times. On each clap, chant HAR.


  1. Bend over from the hips (knees can be bent if required), strike ground with palms 8 times, chanting HAR.


  1. Stand up with arms straight out to sides, parallel to the ground, palms down. Pump the arms 30 degrees up and down, as though trying to fly. 8 times, chanting HAR.


  1. Criss cross arms and legs simultaneously. Standing, jump (or low impact) crisscross arms and legs 8 times. Arms are straight out, parallel to ground, alternate top arm  and front leg in Criss cross motion. Chant HAR each time.


  1. Archer pose, with right leg forward, left leg back. Bend right knee, right arm straight out, pull back imaginary bow with left hand, thumbs up.  8 counts with HAR.


  1. Pivot and do Archer on other side with left leg forward.


  1. Repeat Criss cross arms and legs (D). 


  1. Stretch arms overhead hugging ears and stretch a little backwards if available. 8 times with HAR.


  1. Repeat Criss cross arms and legs (D).


  1. Side bends- Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Arms extend overhead. Bend to one side 4 times, Bend to other side 4 times- chant HAR


  1. Clap hands once overhead and shout out Victory!!!


Come to Easy Pose. Sit still and allow your breath to normalize. Feel the energy moving through your body. 

Rest in Child’s Pose or lying out on your mat.

Close your practice with Sat Nam.

Miss you all and sending love,



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