Day 9 Yoga Support with Amber

Sat Naam and Namaste!

Day 9!!

Earlier this week Mary sent out a weekly practice, sharing her Monday class through our new creative way of connecting.  I wanted to review her weekly daily challenge.

Today we’ll be exploring

Sufi Grind, Spinal Flex, Spinal Twist and Neck Rolls

All very accessible movement based postures to release stress and ideally bring you into a deeper place of relaxation.  All these postures can be done seated in a chair, or on your mat in a comfortable seated position.

To view the practice click here

I love these postures and often revisit them as warm – ups in many of my classes.  Let us know if you have any questions!

Your job is not to make yourself likeable, your job is to be fully yourself – a self that is honest and aware of the equal humanity of other people.  We have a world full of people who are unable to exhale fully because they have for so long been conditioned to fold themselves into shapes to make themselves likeable

– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

From my mat to you, thank you for inspiring me, and bringing your unique light into the world!

We need you!

Love Amber

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