A New Era Workshop, facilitated by Kathleen FitzPatrick and Henry Cretella

A New Era

The Re-emergence and Integration of the Feminine

Saturday, October 19th  –  Sunday, October 20th
I see as clear as daylight that the hour is coming when women will lead humanity to a higher evolution.
– Inayat Khan
The energy of the feminine focuses on creativity and nurturing, intuition, relationships, collaboration, feeling, and connection. At this time, there is a return to the body, nature and immanence, and a need for balance. While feminine energy has been largely suppressed for centuries, there will eventually be an integration of a more natural and holistic balance of perspectives and energy. This shift has the potential to heal the world and usher in a new era.
This workshop will explore how we can help manifest this change. Participants will:
• Explore cutting-edge concepts of the feminine and its integration into a more holistic perspective.
• Discuss the changing sex and gender roles in our current world, and understand how feminine and masculine energy exists in each of us.
• Learn of major impediments to the emergence of the feminine and how these issues can be overcome.
• Engage in a variety of spiritual practices from various traditions.
• Use chanting, meditation, and sacred movement to aid in transformation and healing.
• Consider how we all—however we identify—can participate meaningfully in manifesting this new era.The patriarchalists’ world view, shared by women as well as men, is battling the emerging egalitarian world view, which is also shared by people of both sexes.
– Naomi Wolf

About our presenters
Kathleen FitzPatrick is a retired psychiatric social worker who enjoyed a long career working with children and adolescents in a variety of settings and consulting with people who serve them. A long time martial artist, she continues to study karate and two forms of Japanese sword arts, as well as yoga. Kathleen has studied mysticism in Sufi and Buddhist traditions for over 30 years, with a particular interest in healing. In partnership with Henry, she continues to work with herself and others to integrate spirituality into daily life.
Henry Cretella, M.D., graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School and completed his psychiatric training at Strong Memorial Hospital of the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. His professional career spanned over 40 years as a general and child and adolescent psychiatrist and included teaching, administration, clinical practice, and consultation in the greater Rochester and western NY areas. This, along with his spiritual and especially mystical interests, lead him to certification as a mind body practitioner through the Center for Mind Body Medicine and Dr. James Gordon. He retired several years ago from active psychiatric practice, but continues to incorporate what he has learned into his spiritual practices and offerings.
Henry studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism for several years along with training in martial arts. He then immersed himself in the universal Sufism of Inayat Khan, an Indian mystic, for close to twenty years. He functioned as a senior teacher in the Inayati Order and the Sufi Healing Order before pursuing his independent practice and study of mysticism. He now integrates what he has learned and experienced over these many years.
Henry and Kathleen co-direct Amber Light International, a non-profit educational initiative through which they offer spiritual guidance, individual and group retreats, workshops, intensive book studies, celebrations and other related experiences. These are designed to integrate a greater mystical spiritual awareness with modern influences from psychology/psychiatry, science, philosophy and other disciplines. A new era is dawning which is much less patriarchal and much more feminine, nurturing, collaborative and holistic. Kathleen and Henry are committed to empowering individuals and groups to find their spiritual purpose and help this new era manifest. For more information, visit: their website here
Workshop details
Surya Daya Yoga & Wellness
# 7 – 14 Mill Street
Almonte, ON
K0A 1A0
Saturday, 19 October: 1:30pm to 5:00pm
Sunday, 20 October: 12:00pm to 4:00pm
$60.00* (includes both days)Also available on Zoom online video conferencing

* A recording of the weekend will be available for registered attendees.

For any questions and to register please contact the organizer directly:
Louise Richardson   

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