Surya Daya Yoga & Wellness

We are so grateful you are in this world, and that your path has led you here.

From our hearts to yours, we offer you safe space through our weekly live online classes, special community in person forest and small group sessions, as well as weekly recordings with Amber to help support you on your journey to wellness.

We will come through this period in our lives, stronger, as we move forward supporting what is needed in  our world now.

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Pronounced Surya (SÜR-yah) Daya (Day – yah). Surya means sun in sanskrit, the energy of the sun brings us healing and vitality.   In yoga we practice sun salutations, or surya namaskar to release negative energy and welcome in a positive influx, balancing the body and the mind. We do the practice to create space inside of ourselves for improved health and wellness, allowing ones self to flourish. Daya means compassion, recognizing the suffering shared by humanity and holding space for one another with acceptance and a gentle kind heart, the place we want you to connect with inside of yourself every time you come to your practice.


A happy, healthy and supported global community.

Mission Statement

To create a safe environment for accessible yoga and wellness based education to support and empower individuals of all ages to thrive in body, mind and spirit.  

Surya Daya Yoga & Wellness is a mission driven social purpose enterprise and all of our contributing guides intend to uphold our overarching vision within our local community.  We want to help you to feel the best you can, untap your potential, nurture community and live in harmony with the natural world.

Drawing on yoga, movement, wellness based teachings, mindfulness, creative art inspired activities, environmental  awareness and nature connection.

We also offer private and small group classes to help tailor your practice to your own individual needs.

Consciously considering and integrating the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals into all of our initiatives, decisions and programming.

We teach from our hearts with a guiding principle of compassion, and our hope is to help you find that deeper place within of peace, health and vitality.

 Core Pillars 

  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Respect for the wellness of body, mind and spirit
  • Cultivating courage
  • Education
  • To Uplift and Inspire
  • Provide a safe space

Latest News

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