Surya Daya Yoga & Wellness

Please note, effective Monday, March 16th –  during the COVID – 19 Global Crises – all of our in studio classes are cancelled.  We are offering some free classes online to help support you through this time.  Sign up for our blog to get our most up to date notifications sent directly to your inbox.  We look forward to practicing with you soon.

Prounced Surya (SÜR-yah) Daya (Day – yah). Surya means sun in sanskrit, the energy of the sun brings us healing and vitality.  It opens space for you to grow into your full potential. In yoga we practice sun salutations, or surya namaskar to release negative energy and welcome in a positive influx, balancing the body and the mind. We do the practice to create space inside of ourselves for improved health and wellness, allowing ones self to flourish. Daya means compassion, it is truth in action and is the highest virtue, recognizing the suffering shared by humanity and holding space for one another with acceptance and a gentle kind heart, the place we want you to connect with inside of yourself every time you come to your practice.

Part of our mission at Surya Daya Yoga & Wellness is to hold a safe space for you to release tension, to explore your body and your mind patterns,  and to grow more fully into your true self.  It is our hopes that during your time with us you will breathe deeper and reconnect.  We offer you yoga the way nature intended, for everybody and without judgement, honoring you exactly as you show up everyday.

Our Yoga Alliance certified yoga teachers offer many styles of yoga including Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Restorative, Pilates, Mindfulness based practices as well as gentler styles of yoga and movement. We also offer private classes to help tailor your practice to your own individual needs, and workshops to help support you on your journey.

We teach from our hearts with a guiding principle of compassion, and our hope is to help you find that deeper place within of peace, health and vitality.

We are so grateful you are in this world, and that your path has led you here.

The Core Pillars of our studio are

  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Respect for the wellness of body, mind and spirit
  • Cultivating courage
  • Education
  • To Uplift and Inspire
  • Provide a safe space

Latest News

Please check our blog for news of upcoming workshops as well as other special events.